WTB: E30 Front and Rear Bumper (preferably used condition)

As the subject said, I’m looking for front and rear bumper of E30 (preferably second) with acceptable condition for my poor old E30. Any information is highly appreciated.

No. 1 in the two pictures below.

Front Bumper

Rear Bumper

I’m looking for an original BMW bumper. But If I can get an M-Tech or AC Schintzer, it’s even better.

E30 with AC Schnitzer bumper (used with permission from G. Stenzel)

E30 with front ACS bumper

E30 with rear ACS bumper

E30 with M-Tech bodykit

E30 with M-Tech bodykit

12 Responses to “WTB: E30 Front and Rear Bumper (preferably used condition)”

  1. Tyler keaney Says:

    hey i really want to do this..i hate my rear bumper and i am willing to trade:d

  2. Tyler keaney Says:

    call me at 203 417 6330

  3. tarek Says:

    dears , how can i get a new one for mine ..and how much will cost me

  4. nurdin Says:

    nah…ane dapet yang yg pake body kit m-tech tuh

  5. Lu-Q Says:

    wah … body kit m-tech … slurrrp … mantap tuh!

  6. G. Stenzel Says:

    Why are you using my car’s pictures without my permission?

  7. Lu-Q Says:

    Hi Stenzel,

    Sorry if I’m not asking for permission before to post your car picture.
    Thank you for letting me put your car picture in my blog.

  8. G. Stenzel Says:

    OK, thanx

  9. Gary Stenzel Says:

    Check out the November 2010 issue of BMW car magazine, my car is in that edition.

  10. Lu-Q Says:

    cool … =d>
    is it possible for me to get the pdf version of your car in BMW mag?

  11. snake Says:

    Checked out the BMW mag very impressive your E30 ACS….. as i own one myself. Was wondering that you would be able to share some pointers with me on how i can better the performance of my car.

  12. G. Stenzel Says:

    Yes, all I need is a email address

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